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Handmade rugs let you feel the charm of Persian culture

Release time: 2019-01-03

This is an Persian-style hand-made silk carpet with a size of 1.83x2.74m, which requires the weaving carpet master to weave in 9 months. The material is fine silk, which is made by traditional hand knotting and weaving. Dyeing uses natural plant mineral raw materials, rejects chemical adhesives, and is environmentally friendly. The pattern is in the traditional Persian tribal style, and the simple geometric pattern combined with the traditional Persian medals is so natural and innocent. Red and blue are classic combinations, red enthusiasm, unrestrained, gorgeous; blue rigorous, simple, one move and one quiet, suitable for movement! Carpets of this size are generally suitable for laying in the mid-sized living room or at the end of the bedroom. 

Blue silk carpet

blue handmade carpet



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