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8'x10' Vintage Hand Knotted Silk Persian Rug Z115A


This stunning large floral vintage Persian silk and wool Nain rug is a work of peaceful and angelic splendor. A central haze of crisp clean snowy white beautifully merges with the warm cream tone that occupies the surrounding field and border.
This exciting Persian rug boasts and array of silvery blue floral patterns with deep rich crimson and navy blue outlines. These design motifs are woven together and interconnected through a series of long, graceful vine scrolls. Tiny floral decals and leaves are rendered in a fresh and exquisite fashion are added for a polishing artistic touch.
The center space of this extremely fine silk and wool vintage Persian Nain rug is a long diagonal oval shape with a lustrous silky white finish. Vines and exotic flowers in hues of sky blue, navy blue, and cherry red are painted on this crisp and glowing canvas. The nucleus is a circular orb with a light blue perimeter that merges softly with the white space. Several circular layers in varying colors and designs encapsulate the center portion, where an eight point star shaped flower is located. Smaller floral designs in neutral tones with red outlines surround this figure.
SKU: Z115A
Size: 8'x10' (244cmx305cm)
Marerial: Silk
Technics: Hand Knotted
Weft: Silk
Warp: Silk
Weight: 22.4kg
Thickness: 2mm
Rug Quality: 230line;367kpsi; 569410 knots/m2

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