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10'x14' Handmade Persian Tabriz Silk Carpet NY1887


Persian Tabriz rugs are among the most diverse Persian rugs available, and they are renowned for their attractive blooms and vibrant floral presentations. This vintage Persian Tabriz carpet combines vintage motifs and foreground elements with a more modern degree of arrangement. A complex border surrounds the masterpiece, establishing a strikingly architectural composition that beckons the individual to look closer within the frames themselves. Countless floral elements abound, and the central field of the vintage Persian rug showcases an impressive degree of perspective, as if the circle of bulb shapes are falling into the center of the rug, where they grow smaller and smaller as they drop deeper and deeper into the core.
Size:10'x14' (305cm x 427cm)
Technics:Hand Knotted
Weft: Silk
Warp: Silk
Weight: 39.20kg
Thickness: 2mm
Rug Quality: 230line;367kpsi; 569410 knots/m2

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